Istanbul was connected with the European rail lines upon completion
and opening to service of 336 km. part in 1888 between İstanbul-Edirne and Kırklareli-Alpullu that was within the national borders which was part of 2000 km. of eastern rail lines the construction concessions of which were granted to Baron Hirsch in 1896.

We, as Tur inşaat under
Tur Insaat successfully completed the following Works of the
conventional rail lines connecting Turkey with Europe the renovation
Works of which started in 2012 at KM: 38+000-56+000 and KM:
74+000-96+000, Earth works (excavation, fillings), construction of
the sub-foundation, erection of the Sub-ballast, erections of Works
of art (Reinforcing Walls), Hydraulic Doorway erections, Drainage
Channels, Bored Pile erections, Geo-wall erections and
vehicle under bridge.