The Bridge Of The Firsts
The construction of 3rd bridge to be built by IC İçtaş –
Astaldi JV under the scope of Northern Marmara Highway
Project which passes over Bosporus is seen as the future
of transport and commerce.
3Rd Bosporus Bridge
3rd Bosporus Bridge to be constructed by a team consisting
of Turkish engineers mostly which is a state of art and very
high engineering and technology will enable 8 lines of motorways and 2 train lines to pass over it at the same level.
It will become one of the unique bridges in the world both in
terms of aestethics and technical specifications.
3rd Bosporus Bridge which will become the bridge of firsts,
with 59 meters of width, will become the widest bridge of
this system and with main span of 1408 meters, it will be
the longest suspended bridge in the world hosting a rail
system on it. Another first of this significant bridge is that
with a height which exceeds 322 meters, it is the suspended bridge with the highest tower in the world.
Northern Marmara Highway and 3rd Bosporus Bridge will
be completed with “Build, Operate, Transfer’ model. The
operation of the Project with an investment value of 4.5
billion TL. including its construction is undertaken by IC
İçtaş – Astaldi JV for a term of 10 years, 2 months and 20
days and at the end of this period, it will be transferred to
the Ministry of Transport.
Northern Marmara Highway
The project includes 115 km. of Northern Marmara Highway at Odayeri – Paşaköy district including 19 junctions
and access roads.
This highway Project, including Odayeri – Paşaköy line was
put out to tender on 20.04.2012 on a Build Operate Transfer
model to be constructed to diminish the traffic loads of 1st
and 2nd Bosporus Bridges currently in use and to relieve
the transportation problem of Istanbul which is planned to
be completed in 2016.

We, as Tur Insaat, has been undertaking the following
phases and Works under this highway Project also
including 3rd Bosporus Bridge,
All types and classifications of excavation works between
KM: 91+600 – 91+800, all types and classifications of
ground splitting and separation, excavation and use of the
same, performing required explosions, Loading, Transport
and Laying-Compression work procedures