The Project with the aim of diminishing the traffic load
between D-100 Motorway and Hadimköy highway toll
has been commenced.
It is assumed that the traffic load in this area will
diminish by 30%. The roads which are planned to be
opened for service within this year following their
completion are assumed to provide faster and safer
means of transportation for the people residing in this
area and the workers travelling.
Under the Project which was initiated by Büyükçekmece
Municipality so as to remedy the increasing traffic load,
two roads will be constructed having 24 meters of width
and 7 kilometres of length. A cycling road will also be
constructed based on the Project on both directions of
the roads.
When the roads are completed, the distance from
Büyükçekmece to Hadimköy motorway tolls will
increase by 4,5 kilometres.

We, as Tur İnşaat have undertaken the performance
of excavation with machinery, earthworks,
transportation of debris and road construction works
under this project.