Ankara- Istanbul High Speed Train Project includes
the construction of new dual line high speed rail
line having length of 533 km. independent from
the current line and suited to 250 km/hour speed
completely electrical and signalled.
It is targeted upon the completion of the Project
that the time of travel will decrease to three hours
and the share of railways in transport on this
destination which is currently 10% are planned to
increase to 78%. Ankara- Istanbul High Speed Line
will integrate with Marmaray and provide uninterrupted transport from Europe to Asia.
With this Project which joints the two greatest two
cities of Turkey, the social, economic and cultural
Exchange among cities will increase and our country which is on the verge of entering the European
Union will be ready in terms of transport
substructure as well.

On Inönü- Vezirhan Line of this Project, Tur Inşaat
has successfully completed the following parts,
– Reinforced bore-works, concrete at site, excavation, filling, stacked Stone filling, Gabion manufacture and landslide prevention works.