Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Pipeline which is 1.768
km long is the petroleum pipeline which carries the
petroleum coming from the Sangaçal terminal near
Azerbaijan-Baku and passing through Azerbaijan,
Georgia, Turkey, to the Ceyhan marine terminal at
the Mediterranean Sea shore.
The pipeline imbedded all through the full-length
of the project (total length is 1.768) and of which
the construction started with a ground breaking
ceremony on 17th September 2002 with the heads
of the states of the related countries in Azerbaijan’s
Sangaçal district participated, has 249 km taking
place in Georgia, 443 km in Azerbaijan and 1.076
km in Turkey.
Since it is calculated that Turkey shall 65-70% be
depended on Russia in natural gas consumption,
Turkey is in alternative searches about energy lines
and in case the cost of the construction of the BTC
pipeline within its own boundaries exceeds 1,4
billion dollars, Turkey has assured to pay for the
amount above this limit.
The total length of the BTC petroleum pipeline in
Turkey is 1.075.336 m. This line was completed with
a total of 15.580.543 m3 excavation, 8.313.622m3
filling, 112.000 m3 concrete performed by 12.074
people and came into operation in 2006.

In this project, Tur Insaat
has successfully completed the works; Excavation,
Filling, filling with material bought additionally,
filling with Stream Stabilization material and installation of pipe culvert and drainage pipes.