The construction of second phase of Ankara-Istanbul
High Speed railway, Eskişehir- Istanbul was commenced simultaneously with
Ankara-Eskişehir intersection.
The high speed train will decrease the time of travel
between Ankara-Istanbul to 3,5 hours at first, then to 3
hours soon. Ankara-Istanbul line will provide service for
approximately 7,5 million passengers. The share of railways in transport on this destination which is currently
10% will increase to 78%. Upon the commissioning of
the High Speed Train Line, the time of travel between
Ankara-Gebze will decrease to 2 hours and 30 minutes.
The time of travel to other cities will diminish thanks
to combined transport. The line which was integrated
with Marmaray will enable uninterrupted transport of
passengers from Asia to Europe.
China has made huge investments in high speed raillines during the past few years thanks to the actions
taken by the national railway company CRCC and it has
achieved to have the greatest high speed train transportation line with its construction processes having
reached high speed limitations by a tall margin.
has undertaken this mega Project in Turkey and completed it in due time.
WELDING WORKS OF 13.059 METERS were performed
by Tur inşaat for CRCC under this project.