With the completion of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed
Train Lines Project the financing of which was funded by
Republic of Turkey, Treasury Warranted External Credits,
there will be a rail line between Istanbul-Ankara on which
speeds up to 250 km/hour can be reached. Upon the
Project completion, the distance between Ankara-İstanbul will diminish to three hours.2nd Phase the length of
which is 158 km consists of two sections, namely Köseköy – Vezirhan (1st section, 104 km) and Vezirhan – İnönü
(2nd section. 54 km).
There are 40 tunnels under this Project the length of
which is 39.100 m (the longest tunnel being 4.960 m) ,
3 on/off tunnels the total length of which is 1.550 m and
32 viaducts the total lengths of which is 10.300 m (the
longest viaduct being 1.961 m).
The Project also includes 21 overpasses, 37 agricultural
passages, 132 doorways and 9,2 million m3 excavation
and 4,6 million m3 filling Works also including the earth
Works of the tunnels and doorways.

Tur İnşaat has completed them successfully following
parts of the Inönü- Vezirhan Line,
– Performance of the Substructure Works of the conventional line, Earth Works (excavation, fillings etc.), underpasses, doorways, various Works of art (reinforcement
walls, curtain coating etc.), wall and fencing structure
– Superstructure Works of conventional Superstructure:
Removing the available line, ballast, rail line pipe
laying etc. works.