Tur Insaat which has set sail so as to create Grand Projects in Turkey and the world was founded in Büyükçekmece in 1998. Tur İnşaat which rapidly grew and expanded makes its efforts to provide the best solutions at the most economic costs under today’s fiercely competitive conditions thanks to its Specialized, Reliable and Innovative Staff and Powerful Equipment Pool. Tur İnşaat undertakes to provide its customers the best service available at a high quality and reliable fashion by delivering the contracts it has undertaken in Transport, Subcontracting, Service and Construction Industries successfully in timely manner. Tur İnşaat, with its motto, “what we have done is the guarantee to what we are going make” has accomplished the following to date; 236 KM of motorway construction, 6.000.000 M2 of building construction, 230 KM of Express train substructure works 78 KM Railroad Superstructure construction works, 60 KM of conventional line displacements within scope of express train, 85 KM of conventional line substructure and superstructure construction works within scope of Express train, Many contracts such as Derivations, Sewerage Systems, Housing and Industrial Buildings, Residential and Shopping Centres, Exhibition Centres and Superstructure construction works, Tower construction, waste recycling facilities have been successfully completed. Tur İnşaat makes the required arrangements to create a safe work environment under the applicable laws and regulations based on the occupational safety and health under the frame of Laws and Regulations conducting the required amendments in the fields of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems by using extensive, constant training and regular safety inspections so as to reach and maintain the highest levels of Performance Standards and Occupational Safety and Health.