As we promised,

Our Valuable Business Partners and Employees; Since the year 1998 in which our company was founded, Tur İnşaat has become solution partners with many construction companies in Turkey having completed many Grand projects and they have successfully achieved the construction of Substructure and Super structure Works of many motorways, highways, bridges, conventional railway lines, Express Trains, Towers, Houses, Industrial Buildings, Residing and Shopping Centres and Fair/Exhibition Centres. As we mentioned at the start of our message, we have never compromised from our working principles, trust and quality in the projects which we undertook and contracted and became among the leading and most sought after companies in Transport and Construction Industry. Tur İnşaat strives to be worthy of this trust it has gained over the years with its experienced Executives, Engineers and Specialists who can renovate themselves and attaching great importance to team work. We will always be worthy of the trust you have for us. Our target as TUR İnşaat is to become one of the first 5 leading companies among the companies in Contracting, Construction and Transportation sectors home and abroad which are well suited to the requirements of the contemporary age, modern and having completed solid and lasting buildings and works. I am proud and happy to act as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tur İnşaat family which is rapidly growing and I wish to offer my thanks to all my work friends, shareholders and suppliers which have supported and made so much efforts for us.

Best Regards Turgut TÜRKEŞ

 Chairman of the Board of Directors