Our company has embraced the quoted passage of Sheik Edebali, “Make man live and prosper, so that the state also lives and prospers”, thus our company aims at contributing to a better society, better future and better Turkey with the investments which our company has made to people, education and environment. Just like Einstein had stated, “The future of a nation depends on the education which the people of that country will receive.” Thus, Tur inşaat provides continuous support to activities performed so as to remedy and eliminate the shortcomings in the fields of Management, Environment and Social Solidarity with emphasize on Education since the company was founded. Raising and educating people are the most difficult task in the world. We, as Tur Insaat, are proud to perform our duties in achieving this difficult task as per the principles of our Corporate Social Responsibility with the investments we have made focussing on people. Education And Student Scholars Ekev We provide scholarships for high school, University, Junior College and Vocational High School students who are in line with our principles with patriot feelings, solid character, integrity, reliability and successful yet in need of financial support. Our Cultural Event And Festival Sponsorships Büyükçekmece Festival We provide support for the festivals and Cultural Activities which have the purposes and functions such as maintaining the history, social mindset, games, traditions and such cultural values of a society or district and promoting and introducing them to other societies and transferring them to future generations. Our Sport Events Sponsorships Erzi̇ncanspor And Büyükçekmecespor Tur İnşaat also provides support and makes contributions to miscellaneous sports activities and their development. Doing sports is among the most efficient activities beneficial for spiritual and physical health. The children who start doing sports early avoid bad habits and acquire skills such as taking responsibilities, ability to express oneself, self esteem and socialization. Our Social Cooperation And Solidarity Houses Sponsorships Altunkent Condolonce House And Dormitory Houses Most people seek for a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on during their difficult days. The goods deeds which the people do for each other on such hard times are never forgotten. We try to be with them during their hard times with the power we receive from the people